Gjiyap | Objectives
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Gjiyap has been created with a vision of making the world a better place to live-in. In the process, we intend to focus and work on three key areas:



Every individual, family, ethnic, tribe has their own personal values – which are derived from the underlying Beliefs and their interpretation/meaning for self. And these result in the words and actions of these individuals, and in turn form the life cycle of our human race.

The intention is to – create a roadmap in the education curriculum (at the earliest possible stage) to include core values that has root from underlying beliefs and meanings.

Social Responsibility:

All of us utilize the available resources in the environment, as part of our day-to-day life and make our livelihood, better. Hence, it is equally important for us to give back to society in every possible way – for the under-privileged and needy to improve their livelihood.

We intend to build Social institutions through partnership that shall provide support in terms of food, shelter and education.



Food is an important element of survival and it has high influence on our body and mind. It is scientifically proven that – a good food is what served the best. Home food (ghar-ka-khana) is not valued by the taste of it, but by the love-with-which it is served.

We intend to build a food ecosystem, which is derived from the literature world and yet practiced in the modern world in unknown destinations. This will bring back those century old recipes to mainstream, while the warmth and emotions are brought-in through high quality service standards.

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