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10 Sep Quotes for Life

As part of our upbringing, all of us were privileged to hear those proverb, quotes and even words of wisdom – from the lowest most order of our hierarchy to the internationally renowned personality. I, personally, got benefitted from such words of wisdom from my...

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10 Aug Being Organized

Over the weekend, was doing my yearly ritual of cleaning up my wardrobe and reviewing the filing systems to identify the disposable one’s and to do necessary protection for the to-be-stored items. And for once, have decided to dispose-off the kirana-bills dating 2010 till December...

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10 Jul Marriages are made in mind

Seriously. The heaven has just changed its name!. This is not specific to the social relationship a man and woman get into. It is, any contractual obligation (written or verbal) between two parties (example – employment, responsibility entrusted at home or office and even a...

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10 Jun What is your choice?

Life is full of choices and as human, we are blessed to think and make the most suitable choice for oneself. Only catch is, if it fails, we simply pass-on the ownership to others (human & above) !. About two decades before, when I completed my...

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10 May Get Inspired–2!

Had a different topic to write for the month, but could not resist prioritizing this, after seeing my year old daughter’s daily progress. Her simple lifestyle with basic needs and very basic demands – food, sleep and regular outing is indeed a life lesson. And she...

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10 Apr Get Inspired !

With over two decades of corporate career, moving from the junior most typist role to the powerful managerial role – the learning are tremendous and one can not avoid getting influenced or influence those working-with. While, inspiration may or may not happen at the workplace, reason...

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